Generic Name: Lorazepam
Dosage Package: 2 mg, 1 mg

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Ativan reduces the muscle tension and is a great anti-anxiety product. This is an intensive tranquilizer which contains an active ingredient Lorazepam and inhibits a high agitation of the central nervous system.

A therapeutic effect is achieved by means of the interaction of Lorazepam with GABA receptors. The increased activity of these receptors causes a suppression of the connectivity in the central nervous system.

Using Ativan evens an emotional state, improves sleep quality, lowers anxiety and tension, reduces fear and agitation. A convulsive threshold grows. The drug also stabilizes vegetative functions.

A therapeutic effect of Ativan develops within the first week and is kept during a regular use of the pills. An irregular use of the drug causes disorders, so that a therapeutic effect may be affected. But due to a strong action on GABA receptors, there is a risk of the development of some side effects, and therefore the treatment should be controlled by a medical provider.

Ativan may be used during various mental disorders: anxiety and panic disorders, phobia, somatic disorders, insomnia, neurosis, psychoses, convulsive disorders, and others.


Product Instruction


In order to achieve the optimal therapeutic reaction without side effects, it is necessary to stick to the scheme of the treatment. The treatment begins with a dose of Ativan 1 mg per day. This is a minimal daily dose but it is enough for biochemical changes in the subcortical structure of the brain.

If the side effects are absent within the first 7 days, a dose is gradually increased. At first, a daily dose of Ativan is increased up to 2 mg per day, then 3-4 mg per day, and then 6 mg per day. The maximal dose of Ativan is 8 mg per day. But this dose is divided into several parts.

Children under 12 years old are not prescribed more than 6 mg because they better react to the action of the drug and their body is more vulnerable to a development of the side effects.

The treatment takes about 6-8 weeks, and then it is necessary to examine the disease symptoms. The treatment is continued during poor results.




  • Any beverage drinks affect the central nervous system. Therefore, a consumption of the beverage drinks is prohibited during the treatment
  • If a patient has symptoms of acute maniac syndrome or suicidal thoughts during the treatment, lower a dose or stop the treatment for a while
  • Patients who have heart failure or have recently had myocardial infarction/stroke should consult a cardiologist. A doctor may change a dosing or give special recommendations
  • Ativan is not prescribed pregnant women, patients under 5 years old, breast-feeding women. If there is an acute need to take the drug during lactation, a formula feeding should be used


Overdose Symptoms


An overdose develops quickly, if a dose is incorrect. At first, a patient has such symptoms as sleepiness, fatigue, lack of energy, and low blood pressure.

In case of a long-term or acute overdose, the symptoms row and bradycardia, difficulty breathing, dysfunction of the cardiovascular system, coma, and others may occur. Go to a doctor if these symptoms appeared. A patient is controlled within a day after an acute overdose.


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