Generic Name: Celecoxib
Dosage Package: 200 mg, 100 mg

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Celebrex relieves an inflammation of the joints during rheumatoid arthritis and neutralizes tightness of the locomotor system because of the joint destruction. This is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory product that has Celecoxib.

The ingredient is the first specific COX-2 inhibitor implemented to the medical practice and approved by FDA to treat the inflammatory diseases of the locomotor system. Celecoxib penetrates into the site of the inflammation and pain and blocks a production of the action of COX-2 enzyme which causes inflammation, fever and pain in joints.

The use of Celebrex relieves the motion of joints in people with rheumatoid arthritis and other degenerative diseases of the locomotor system: arthrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, etc.

Celebrex does not restore cartilaginous tissue of the joint but it helps to relieve the symptoms of the inflammation. The body becomes less vulnerable to the painful impulses and a human may do common things.

One of the advantages of Celebrex is a well tolerance unlike other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and it does not cause severe side effects in the gastro-intestinal tract.


Product Instruction


Celebrex is used only during outbreak of the inflammations of the degenerative diseases of the joints. The treatment usually starts from a low dose, and a dose is increased only if there is no positive reaction to the treatment. An initial dose of Celebrex is 200 mg per day for the treatment of the rheumatoid arthritis (a capsule 100 mg is taken in the morning and in the evening).

If pain and inflammation do not drop, the dose is increased by two times up to 400 mg per day. A daily dose is also divided into 2 equal parts. But do not expect a fast effect during the use of Celebrex. The results of the treatment may be observed in 2-3 weeks of the regular use of the pills.

The maximal effect is achieved only during systemic use of the drug. And therefore, do not terminate the treatment.




  • Celebrex may be prescribed patients with chronic diseases of the stomach (not during outbreaks). If any side effects appear in the gastro-intestinal tract during the treatment, a dose should be reduced and additional products should be used in order to protect the mucous membrane of the stomach from the action of Celecoxib
  • If you are taking drugs for the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases, you may take Celebrex. The drug does not affect the blood pressure and does not give a load on the cardiac muscle. But if you have recently had myocardial infarction, or had a coronary artery bypass surgery, the use of Celebrex may be contraindicated. Consult a cardiologist
  • The use of Celebrex is contraindicated during pregnancy


Overdose Symptoms


The apparent signs of the overdose with Celebrex are nausea, vomiting, arrhythmia, muscle spasms, dysfunction of liver, bronchospasm, severe allergic reactions.

Everybody has different threshold of the overdose, and therefore it is not recommended to increase the maximal daily dose of 400 mg. If the side effects appeared because of the use of the high dose, clean the stomach as soon as possible and go to a doctor.


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