Generic Name: Fluconazole
Dosage Package: 200mg, 150mg, 100mg, 50mg

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Diflucan is probably the most popular and being used antifungal medicine all over the world. It has Fluconazole that quickly and effectively neutralizes the activity of the pathogenic fungi.

The mechanism of the action of Diflucan is simple. When its active ingredients reaches the body, a change happens in the system of cytochrome P450 proteins. Most pathogenic microorganisms including fungi directly depend on oxidative and reconstructive processes created by these proteins. Inhibiting these symptoms of enzymes, Diflucan inhibits an ability of the pathogenic fungi to replicate.

Unlike many other antifungal drugs, Diflucan does not inhibit the enzymes of cytochrome P450 in the whole body. It acts only in the pathogenic cells, so that the body does not suffer during the use of the drug.

Diflucan is considered one of the safest antifungal drugs. It is allowed for the use by adults and children; the action is enough for the treatment of any fungal infections: candidiasis of genitals, candidiasis of mucous membrane of mouth, throat, and esophagus, mycosis of skin and nails, tinea versicolor, streptococci infections, and others.

Product Instruction

Diflucan capsules are released in different doses: 50, 100, 150 and 200 mg. This way, a patient may take a needed dose and take one capsule. A dosing may vary depending on type of the fungal infection.

Genital candidiasis is treatable. Most patients just take a pill of Diflucan in order to inhibit the activity of the pathogenic fungi.

To treat candidiasis of the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat or esophagus, a dose of Diflucan is 50 mg per day within 2-4 weeks.

If tinea versicolor, Diflucan is used in the dose of 300 mg once per week within 2 weeks.

If onychomycosis, Diflucan is prescribed in the dose of 150 mg once per week. The treatment is continued till the change of the infected nail. A growth of nails on fingers takes about 3-6 months, and foot nails takes about 6-12 months.

A dose of Diflucan is low but the treatment sometimes takes a long period because fungi are hardly treatable and rather often produce a resistance to the antifungal products. Therefore, it is recommended not to take Diflucan all the time or any other medicine. It is necessary to change an approach for the treatment, and this way a sensation of fungi to medicines is not affected.


  • An individual intolerance of Fluconazole or other antifungal drugs may cause a severe allergic reaction. Therefore, if you had side effects during the use of this drug, tell you doctor about it
  • A lactation period is not the best time for the use of Diflucan but if there are not alternatives, use a bottle formula
  • In case of the severe diseases of liver, organic diseases of heart, disorder of electrolytic balance, a daily dose of Diflucan may be reduced, or an individual scheme of the treatment will be prescribed
  • Diflucan may be used during pregnancy only under doctor’s supervision

Overdose Symptoms

The overdose symptoms of Diflucan may be unexpected. Many of the patients who have exceeded the daily dose have had the following symptoms: hallucinations, paranoid behavior, skin allergic reactions, vomiting, and diarrhea. These symptoms tell that you have to lower a daily dose, or to do a stomach lavage.

If the overdose is light, the standard side effects appear: dyspepsia, drowsiness, headache, and others.


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