Generic Name: Clonazepam
Dosage Package: 2 mg, 1 mg

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Klonopin inhibits seizures, reduces a frequency of the epilepsy outbreaks and increases a convulsive threshold. This is one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of epilepsy, and the drug contains Clonazepam. The ingredient is used during any types of the seizures including focal, generalized, myoclonic, and atonic attacks. The action varies, though. Patients with generalized type of epilepsy faster get the results of the treatment than patients with focal seizures. That is why, every patient has an individual scheme of the treatment.

The action of Klonopin occurs by means of the reduced activity of neurons in the central nervous system. The activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid grows providing a sedative action and regulating most processes in the central nervous system.

A therapeutic effect of Klonopin develops quickly. During medical studies it has been detected that the activity of GABA receptors grows by several times within 24-48 hours after the use of the first dose, and it helps to control the symptoms of epilepsy.

Klonopin is regarded as a standard medicine for the epilepsy treatment, but it may be used during other disorders of the central nervous system: panic disorders, phobia, acute maniac psychoses, bipolar disorders, and others.


Product Instruction


If you do not know how to take Klonopin, it is necessary to begin the treatment with a minimal dose. The practice shows that 0,5 mg of Klonopin is enough being taken 3 times per day.

A therapeutic effect will appear within 5 days. If the side effects did not appear during this period, a dose is titrated up in order to intensify the action of Clonazepam. A range of the working dose is broad. Some patients take 4-6 mg of Klonopin per day, and others should take at least 10 mg per day. A daily dose is divided into 3 and taken with the interval of 6-8 hours.

Children and teenagers do not take 10 mg. The working dose for them is 2-5 mg of Klonopin per day.




  • A cessation of the treatment and lowering of the daily dose is slow. Do not lower the working dose from 10 mg to 5-6 mg. An instant cessation of Klonopin may lead to seizures. That is why, stick to the scheme 1-1,5 mg per week. Lowering a dose this way, no side effects appear.
  • Taking Klonopin patients may have the symptoms of the respiratory function distress. Shortness of breath and oxygen deficiency are common side effects during the use of high doses. Therefore, patients with COPD or bronchial asthma are not prescribed this medicine
  • Klonopin is not used during intoxication with narcotic products, alcohol, and medical products. avoid alcohol consumption during the treatment


Overdose Symptoms


An overdose usually occurs slowly. At first, a patient feels high sleepiness, fatigue, apathy, reduction of the psychomotor reactions. Then, an inhibition of the respiratory function, reduction of the cardiovascular system functions, low blood pressure, and coma happen during significant increase of the Clonazepam concentration.

So, if you noticed lack of energy, fatigue, and sleepiness, go to a doctor and reduce a dose for a while. In case of the acute overdose, the side effects are dangerous, and therefore hospitalization is required.


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