Generic Name: Furosemide
Dosage Package: 100 mg, 40 mg

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Lasix belongs to leaders among the drugs for the treatment of the edema syndrome. This is one of the strongest diuretics because it launches processes directed at the excretion of the liquid from the body after the first application.

The main therapeutic characteristics of Lasix are:

  • Maintenance of the kidney functions during the renal failure
  • Excretion of the excessive liquid from the body
  • Reduction of edema of various origin
  • Reduction of preload on the heart by means of the dilation of the major veins
  • Increased excretion of chlorine and sodium
  • Lowering of the blood pressure

The active ingredient Furosemide goes to the blood within 15-20 minutes during the peroral application, and the excretion of the excessive liquid begins in 30 minutes. A fast and intensive diuresis of the average duration is observed after the use of the pill. The action of the drug lasts for up to 6 hours, but this period is enough in order to remove the excessive liquid and improve a patient’s state.

The maximal diuresis is observed in 1-3 hours after the use of the drug. The effect drops in some time.


Product Instruction


Lasix may be used during edemas of the various origins: chronic heart failure, liver cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome, and others. It is prescribed in high doses even during edema of brain and lungs. The main rule is a correct daily dose which is optimal for certain medical case.

In case of the treatment of the edema syndrome of the average severity, 40 mg of Lasix will be enough per day. A dose is divided into 2 and a pill of 40 mg is taken with the interval of 8-10 hours. It will be enough.

If edema is severe and caused by serious diseases, a dose is increased up to 80 mg per day. A dose is also divided into 2 – 40 mg, or it is divided into 4 – 20 mg every 6 hours. The higher doses are prescribed at hospital, under doctor’s supervision.

The doses are different during the high blood pressure. The drug is often used during the development of hypertonic crisis. It acts quickly and increases the effect of the hypotensive products. A working dose of Lasix is 20 mg.




  • Take Lasix for a short period. Do not take the medicine for a long time or in high doses. It will be harmful for your body and potassium deficit may happen. This ingredient is actively excreted from the body, and therefore issues may occur. Potassium deficit may affect the functions of the cardiovascular system
  • Lasix is not prescribed during coma or precoma
  • If urinary tracts are blocked by stones, or a patient has a disorder of the urine outflow, Lasix is not prescribed
  • There are diseases when doctor do not recommend to take the medicine: gout, acute myocardial infarction, and arterial hypotension


Overdose Symptoms


The overdose with Lasix is very dangerous. First of all, a patient has the following symptoms: low blood pressure, collapse, shock, arrhythmia, acute renal failure, thrombosis, confusion, flaccid paralysis leading to coma.

The first thing to do during the overdose is to adjust an electrolyte balance (stop dewatering). Go to a doctor as soon as possible.


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