Generic Name: Prednisone
Dosage Package: 40mg, 20mg, 10mg, 5mg

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Prednisone is a medicine of the adrenal cortex hormones. The product has a broad action because it makes up a deficit of the endogenic steroid hormones.

Adrenal glands are double endocrine glands which produce steroid hormones regulating metabolism and an immune system activity. If synthesis of these hormones is affected, the body has disorders, metabolism is affected, immunity becomes worse, and cardiovascular system suffers.

The use of Prednisone helps to make up hormones and regulate natural internal biochemical and physiological processes. Prednisone affects many processes in the body:

  • An inhibition of the inflammatory reactions
  • A reduction of histamine and other mediators of allergy production
  • An improvement of the respiratory system functions: a relief of breathing during bronchial asthma, improved functions of the lungs during COPD
  • Redistribution of the fatty tissue
  • A reduction of the protein synthesis and influence on the processes of the production of glucose and insulin
  • A regulation of electrolytic balance

This is a short list of the Prednisone abilities, and common non-hormonal products do not have it. But the use of this drug is accompanied by the side effects, and therefore it is not used as a primary therapy during chronic or acute diseases. Only if a disease is not treatable by the non-hormonal products, Prednisone is prescribed.

The medicine may be used during various diseases: psoriasis, allergy of different origin and severity level, degenerative and inflammatory diseases of joints, bone tissue, acute failure of the adrenal cortex, hepatitis, renal coma, acute pancreatitis, alopecia, and others.

Product Instruction

In order to make up deficit of the adrenal cortex hormones, patients are recommended to start the treatment from a high daily dose. A daily dose of Prednisone is usually 20-30 mg. The pills are taken in the dose of 5 mg 4-6 times per day. The treatment lasts this way till a stable remission of the disease symptoms occurs.

Do not stop the treatment after the improvement of the symptoms. Fix the obtained result in order to avoid a relapse. To do it, the dose of Prednisone is reduced up to 10-15 mg (5 mg 2-3 times per day). A maintaining therapy may take several months depending on a disease pattern.


  • There is a broad list of the contraindications which should be taken into account before taking Prednisone. The medicine is not used during exacerbation of stomach ulcers and duodenum ulcer, propensity for thromboembolism, renal failure, severe arterial hypertension, and mental diseases
  • Patients with pancreatic diabetes should adjust the treatment because the glucose level in the blood grows during the use of Prednisone
  • The drug may be contraindicated in the 1 term of pregnancy. Bear this in mind and consult a physician for more details

Overdose Symptoms

High body temperature, muscle or joint pain, nausea, dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath, malaise, pain in the heart, increased blood pressure and tachycardia are the symptoms of the overdose. The drug makes up a deficit of the internal hormones but its surplus may be also harmful for the body. Therefore, it is necessary to go to a doctor as soon as possible.


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