Generic Name: Finasteride
Dosage Package: 5 mg, 1 mg

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Propecia helps to quickly make things better during androgenic alopecia and return healthy hair. This is a unique medicine which stops the hair loss and improves the hair growth in men with the high level of the androgenic hormones.

The androgenetic alopecia is considered the most common type of alopecia. More than 90% of cases are related to this type. A cause is a high level of dihydrotestosterone, an androgenic hormone. It breaks the hair follicles, so that hair is thin, fragile, and then it is lost.

None cosmetic product can cure of this type of alopecia. And a surgery gives a temporal effect. Propecia affects not the symptoms of the androgenetic alopecia, but a cause. Its active ingredient Finasteride blocks a production of dihydrotestosterone, so that it stops breaking the hair follicles.

At the same time, Propecia does not provide a bad action on the male body. The drug does not influence on the level of the male and female sexual hormones. The action appears only on certain enzymes responsible for synthesis of dihydrotestosterone.

The action on the main cause of the androgenetic alopecia gives good results in 3 months of the treatment. At first, Propecia stops the hair loss, improves hair follicles, and then the hair growth is restored in places of alopecia.

The process is slow, and a speed of the recovery of hair depends on many factors: age of a man, duration and severity of alopecia, activity of the enzymes synthesizing androgenic hormones.


Product Instruction


On the average, the hair growth may be restored within 6-12 months. But some men may need a longer maintaining treatment, and therefore Propecia is prescribed on a regular basis, 9-month-cycle. A break for 3 months helps to find out how the previous cycle is successful and should pills be taken again.

A man has to take a pill containing 1 mg of Finasteride every day. The medicine may be used at any time, the main rule is not to skip any day.

The increase of the dose does not improve a therapeutic effect, and therefore a pill per day may be used.




  • Propecia does not contain harmful ingredients, and therefore a list of the contraindications is small. The drug is not recommended during an individual intolerance of Finasteride, so that an allergic reaction is possible
  • If a man has malignant tumor of the prostate gland, consult a physician
  • TheuseofPropeciaisprohibited forwomen. Even a one-time use of Finasteride may cause hormone imbalance and even a reproductive disorder
  • Mеn are advised not to take Propecia before the age of 18


Overdose Symptoms


It has been medically proved that a significant increase of the daily dose of Propecia does not cause severe side effects and a medical intervention is not required. Men may have dyspepsia, or temporal low libido. But these symptoms are reversible, and therefore they do not affect the body functions, 2-3 weeks and all the side effects go away.


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