Generic Name: Topiramate
Dosage Package: 200mg, 100mg, 50mg, 25mg

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Topamax is an anticonvulsant the action of which is directed at the reduction of the seizures. Topiramate is responsible for the pharmacological action of this drug. The ingredient has a complicate chemical formula and its pharmacological action differs from the common antiepileptic products.

The action of Topiramate is based on the reduction of neuron activity. In other words, it inhibits an excessive activity of neurons and reduces a development of the elective impulses in some parts of the brain. At the same time, the drug does not influence on the psychomotor function and cognitive functions. The action is selective and happens only on the parts of the nervous system where excessive activity of neurons takes place, so that seizures appear.

A reduction of the electric impulses helps to cope with convulsive attacks and some other diseases: manic-depressive forms of psychosis, neuropathy, post-traumatic stresses, bipolar disorders, and others.

Topamax plays a great role in the therapy of epilepsy because it does not provide a sedative action, does not inhibit the important functions of the nervous system. Taking analogical products, patients usually have fatigue, and lack of energy. Using Topamax does not cause these symptoms. It happens because the action is selective and does not affect the important psychomotor functions.

Product Instruction

A minimal dose of Topamax is 200 mg per day. But if you have never taken this medicine, do take this dose right away. The better effect will be achieved if the treatment is started from 50 mg per day. This is the lowest dose when the body sensation to Topiramate may be checked. If the side effects did not appear, a dose is raised up to 100 mg per day, and then up to 200 mg per day. In 10 days, a patient can take a minimal dosing and avoid the side effects.

A dose depends on the disease symptoms. If 200 mg per day do not help to reduce seizures, a dose is raised. The maximal daily dose is 1600 mg. It is better to divide it by 3-4 times and take it with the interval of 4 hours. This wat, the drug is well absorbed by the body and the action will be maximally stable.


  • It is very important to terminate the treatment slowly. The recommendations are the same as during the dose raising. The daily dose is reduced by 100 mg at first, then by 200 mg, and a minimal dose is then used. This way, a reaction of the nervous system and seizures are not caused
  • If you become pregnant during the treatment, ask a doctor how safe to take Topamax
  • An unintentional overdose may happen if a patient has hepatic failure or intensive liver dysfunction. The medicine will be accumulated in the tissues, so that it may cause an overdose

Overdose Symptoms

Common symptoms of the overdose are dermatological reactions, instant reduction of the vision, diarrhea, speech disturbance, vision disorder, psychomotor retardation, and severe sleepiness. These symptoms need a medical control and a symptomatic therapy. If these overdose symptoms are neglected, serious complications may occur.


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