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Hydrocodone is one of the strongest opioid analgesics. It has been synthesized about 100 years ago, in Germany but it is still used as a pain medication and an antitussive drug.
A mechanism of the action of Hydrocodone consists in the interaction with opioid receptors, so that a pain threshold is increased, a reaction of the nervous system to pain becomes lower, and a conductivity of the painful impulses is reduced.
An advantage of the drug is a reduction of the severest painful syndrome. Its binding to opioid receptors of the brain and spinal cord is very strong, so that a sensation of the nerve endings all over the body may be completely reduced after the use of the pill.
The action of Hydrocodone may be regulated by means of a dose. The higher the dose is, the more intensive the drug action is. But such intensive effect is accompanied by risks. A risk of a medical addiction is high, and therefore the medicine is prescribed only if there are no options and others analgesics do not help to neutralize painful sensations.
Hydrocodone copes with pain during traumas, diseases of the locomotor system, affection of joints, erosions of the bone tissues, surgeries, and diagnostic procedures. It also helps to relieve pain in oncology patients during major metastasis.
The drug action begins in about 15-20 minutes. A length of the action depends on a dose. Low doses help to reduce pain for 4 hours, and if the maximal one-time doses are taken, the action will be kept within 6 hours.

Product Instruction

If you have started taken Hydrocodone, stick to the minimal doses. Even if you took morphine or codeine, there is a risk of the side effects. Therefore, it is better to take 2,5 mg of Hydrocodone 2-4 times per day. If this dose is not enough, and a patient does not have side effects, a dose may stepped up. Do it gradually. Hydrocodone is increased by 5 mg of Hydrocodone 2-4 times per day, and then by 7,5 mg, and then 10 mg. The interval between the use of the pills should be at least 5 hour.
The maximal daily dose is 40 mg. Do not take more than that. The further rising of the dose causes a medical/narcotic addiction in 80% of cases, and it is hard to cope with it.
The treatment should be as short as possible. But if a disease is chronic, Hydrocodone should be used within 4 weeks. Then replace the medicine. If Hydrocodone is taken for more than a month, a medical addiction and tolerance develops. Even 40 mg per day will not reduce a painful syndrome.


– Do not take Hydrocodone with other opioid analgesics, psychoactive ingredients, MAO inhibitors, alcohol, sedatives, and sleeping pills
– The use of Hydrocodone is prohibited during pregnancy. The medicine is not recommended even during lactation because the ingredient penetrates into breast-milk and may cause serious disorders in baby
– The use of the drug may be contraindicated during cardiovascular diseases and COPD. Consult a physician

Overdose Symptoms

The symptoms of the overdose include difficult breathing, sleepiness, cataplexy, sometimes bradycardia, hypotension, and coma. First of all, a patient chokes, may have vomiting, and an allergic reaction. A hospitalization and a doctor’s aid is required during the first symptoms. Do not self-medicate.


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